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against string algae

Clarifier cleans ponds by breaking down organic materials that create problems for pond hobbyists in and around waterfalls, rocks, plant pots, pumps and filtration systems. Clarifier takes Balancer Dryís function to the next level. It works on your worst pond problem. Clarifier is a natural product that has been field and laboratory tested on ponds that range from 500 gallons to 500,000 gallons. All had very favorable results.

Clarifier is a patent pending formula that combines the natural degradative powers of barley with the powers of a strong bacteria colony, then we add several inert ingredients and 6 enzymes for a 3 in 1 product. Clarifier contains Activated Barley, a product that no other bacteria and enzyme company has

Clarifier's Activated Barley contains enough surface area to do the job of an entire bag of barley. No more messy barley bales or stinky bacteria products. Clarity Max Plus is the 3 in 1 product that does it all!

Clarifier was found to reduce excessive nutrient content that contributes to organic growth and helped to enhance existing filtration systems. Clarity Max Plus is a problem solver. Once the problem has been resolved it is best to routinely treat the pond with either Biological Clarifier (Dry or Liquid) or Nitrifier to maintain a good bacterial balance within the pond system.

Clarifier will break down and reduce pond debris, thus making it easier to remove by pond filtration systems. It has been Winstonís field experience that the product works best in ponds from 500 - 8,000 gallons, however very good results have been recorded on much larger projects (16,000 - 500,000 gallon ponds).

Apply Clarifier over the surface area or around the perimeter of the pond in dry form for best results. Be careful not to let the product dust plant coverage. Immediately after application the pond may become cloudy. This is a normal process and should clear within 24 - 48 hours. Algae growth should become noticeably reduced within 5 - 15 days time is application rates are followed. Clarifier has been field and laboratory tested by some of the top names in the water gardening industry and has achieved a very good reputation with water gardening experts across the nation.

Clarifier not only adds large quantities of beneficial bacteria to the pond but also introduces substances that change the chemistry of the water making the water column unsuitable for algae growth. Algae cannot survive once this change in the environment has taken place. However, pond plants, fish, frogs, turtles and pond wildlife are uneffected by the change. Once added to the water column Clarity Max Plus does not have an effect on pH or oxygen levels within the pond.

As with any living creature bacteria need certain environmental parameters to survive. Therefore, it is necessary to have the following characteristics present in a pond before treatment to ensure the proper function of this product: Best Used When

pH OF WATER MAINTAINED BETWEEN 6.5 AND 9.0. WATER TEMPERATURE ABOVE 60oF (15oC). DISSOLVED OXYGEN LEVELS ABOVE 3 PPM (3 MG/L). Clarifier Is 100% Natural And Safe For All Pond Fish And Plants 1 - 2.5 Lb. Bottle Treats 20,000 Gallons (1/4 Cup Treats 1,000 Gallons) Also Available: 9 oz. Bottle Treats 6,000 Gallons

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