Click to enlargepadAlgae Out Deep Cleans Rocks, Waterfalls, 
Plant Pots, Streams & Any Where 
Organic Debris Accumulates 

Eliminates Pond Cleaning 

Uses Oxygen Power 

Non-Toxic To Fish 

16 oz Treats 20,000 gallons

What does D-Solv do?

Algae Out will help remove attached organic debris from waterfalls, streams and rocks in seconds. Use the maintenance dosage of Algae Out once a week and eliminate complete pond shut down for yearly clean-outs forever. Algae Out will also keep fountain intakes clean and remove unsightly scum from the perimeter of any size pond. Algae Out is your personal pond cleaner in a bottle, without the time, money, mess, effort to catch the fish, drain the pond, wash and scrub the scum in the pond, refill the pond and put the fish back in hoping you donít stress them and kill them. This usually 4 Ė 5 hour process can be eliminated forever by simply treating your pond once weekly with Algae Out.

Application Rates

Heavy organic material: 3-16 tablespoons for every 1000 gallons of pond water Maintenance dosage: 1-5 teaspoons per 1000 gallons of pond water Spot treatment: 1-5 teaspoons per affected area Use weekly

Algae Out 16 oz Algaeoutpad$11.00pad