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Balancer - Turns your whole pond into a biological filter
Clears cloudy green water
Helps reduce ammonia and nitrites
8 oz - Treats 15,000 gallons. Good for ponds less than 1000 gallons
16 oz - Treats 30,000 gallons. Good for ponds less than 2,500 gallons
32 oz - Treats 60,000 gallons. Goo for ponds larger than 2,500 gallons
4 Table Spoons treats 1000 gallons
Use Weekly for best results.

Balancer creates a bilogical chain reaction by producing greater quantities of natural bacteria and enzymes. These beneficial species will break down and bio-degrade any excess organic component which may be in an agriculture system. Balancer keeps fish vibrant and healthy. Helps elevate the fishes immune system. Balancer helps fish to repel pathogenic organisms. 1. Controls blue/green murky water 2. Helps maintain ph and speeds up the process of breaking down organic waste materials 3. Dissolves leftover foods, waste matter and organic sludge. 4. Lowers levels of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hydrogen sulfide and other obnoxious gases which create foul orders. 5. The bacterial count is about 13.8 billion colony. 6. Contains only beneficial organisms and no pathogenic species

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